Catering for Businesses and Special Events

Catering for local businesses or special events is a service that we provide which is unattended.  We provide options for groups of 10 or more people, starting with a minimum of 10.  For less than 10, we have the Family Pack for three people.  Catering packages that we offer include cooked meat of choice, tortillas (corn or flour), salsas, toppings, plastic cutlery, and napkins.  The packages allow for each person to have three tacos of two ounces of meat per taco.  For additional charges, our cheese or meat quesadillas, Mexican rice, and borracho beans can be added to the order. 

Catering Deal #1 - $75.00

Catering deal #1 feeds 10 people.  It includes 3.5 lbs of meat (up to 3 different meats), 30 tortillas (either corn or flour), Pico de gallo, mild green salsa, hot habanero red salsa, onions, cilantro, and limes.